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Steps of a Pilot’s Career

The time from the day you apply to Pelican Flight Training to the day you will become an official Airline Pilot will be about two years. In that time, if you successful in your training you will earn  up to 500 flight hours and obtain a wealth of knowledge that will set you on your way.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

  • Continue flight training and obtain your Instrument Rating
  • Private License –> Instrument Rating

Step 4

  • Learn to fly complex aircraft and obtain your Commercial Pilot’s License.
  • (Typically takes 10-12 months from Step 1 to completion of Step 4, with unique possibility to accomplish this for ONLY 160 (!) hours of total flight time.
  • Private Pilot with Instrument Rating -> Commercial Pilot -> Multi Engine Add-On Rating



  • Now you may begin your Professional Pilot life experience: you can start to work as an official Certified  Flight Instructor or tow banners or fly the gliders (for example)
  • This is your time for official Practical Training when yo may continue to learn, earn flight time, and keep yourself on the path to getting the 1500 hours of flight time that the major airlines are looking for.

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