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Minimum Requirements to be accepted by a Pelican Flight Training :

  • You may start your Private Pilot training at 16, but you should be 17 at the time of your Private FAA Check Ride.
  • Must be able to pass medical exam to valid Student Pilot Certificate/Medical Certificate.
  • For the Professional Programs - Be at least 17 years of age for enrollment to professional Program, and be 18 at the time of the Commercial FAA Check Ride.
  • To show that you are ready to succeed in academic curriculum you should provide proof of graduating from U.S.  High School or its equivalent.  ** For Foreign Students - you may use one of the following providers listed on site for certifying the equivalence of your educational diplomas. If at the time of your arrival you will not be able to present the certified equivalence document, the school will need do get it for you, the cost of validation in such case will be 250$.
  • To show proof of Citizenship please provide a valid passport or for U.S. citizens, or it may be a U.S. birth certificate and driver's license. 
  • For Foreign Students Demonstrate proficiency in the English language through the TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS, or passing through the school evaluation procedure if English is not the students first language.
  • Provide school with proof of Funds.
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