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Airplane Flight Instructor Certification

Our school can offer you a unique possibility to complete your FAA Pilot experience through the graduation of our accredited Professional Pilot Program by adding all the CFIs courses, supported by the F1 student visa status.

It is not only the training, but it is also an aviation profession plus the possibility to stay in the United States for up to 2 years, gain practical experience in flight training, build 1500 hours for your future aviation career and be paid for hours of instructing you give to students, join US Regional airline for 1 year and be sponsored for the Type Rating.

Highest standards in training

The Program consists of two main stages:

  1. Standardization of your previous flight training and experience.
  2. Full package of CFI, CFII, MEI + Add-on courses if needed. After training is done you are able to apply for a work permit and social security to begin your practical training.

Training takes approximately 6 months and gives around 160 hours of ground school and flight time on different types of aircraft, after that you may start your full time CPT and apply for post-graduation OPT.

International students studying on F-1, the only ones who permitted to apply for official practical training, supported by getting the social security number and later applying for the OPT working permit.

It means that after your Full Professional Pilot Program including CFI course and instructor ratings will be successfully completed, you can apply for practical training employment and upon approval start to build flight hours, getting skills and experience for your future professional career being officially paid as a flight instructor or pilot and building up to 1500 flight hours to meet ATP and airlines requirements. But the student should not arrive from overseas with the expectation of finding part-time work to supplement finance during their flight training, the US government requires each student to show sufficient funds to cover all costs during their studies before departing to attend the school.

Airline Interview

Pelican Flight Training currently guarantees to its successful graduates, who have an 80%+ passing rate and all the check rides passed from the 1 attempt, at least 3 interviews for OPT employment (a subject for the governmental approval) with the following partnering employers:

  1. Pelican Flight Training (KHWO)
  2. Wayman Aviation Academy (KHWO)
  3. Flying Academy (KTMB)

For the students who are managing to build 1500 hours and meet ATP requirements during their CPT training, Pelican Flight Training will be happy to schedule an Airline Interview with Silver Airways for the future airline employment with type rating sponsored by the airline for qualified and selected candidates.

Pelican Flight Training proud to state that we have hundreds and hundreds of successful graduates working as airline pilots and flight instructors in more than 100 countries all over the world.

Price program from:

We are not asking for payments upfront. You will start paying for training when your visa is approved and you arrived in USA.

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